Obtain A Copy of Your Credit Report
You are entitled to one free copy of your credit report every year. You should check your credit report for any erroneous information so that you can work to correct any errors prior to contacting a bank or mortgage company for Pre-Approval Letter. 

Get Pre-Approved… Not Just Pre-Qualified!
This is important for two reasons:

  1. Save yourself time and heartache! Make the most of your real estate search by looking only at homes that fall within your desired or appropriate price range. The Pre-Approval process will present you with a dependable price range to work within.
  2. Presenting a Pre-Approval letter along with an offer to purchase (if you’ll be obtaining a mortgage) is critical in order to make your offer its strongest and most appealing to the Sellers. Pre-Qualification is a quick way to find out roughly what you can afford to spend on a home based upon debt to income ratios. Pre-Approval, on the other hand, takes Buyers through an income-check and credit-check and is, in general, a much more thorough process. Pre-Approval will detail expected monthly payments, which may include items not taken into consideration with a Pre-Qualification, such as taxes, mortgage insurance, home insurance, etc… Real Estate Agents know, and will let their Sellers know, that Pre-Approval holds significantly more weight than Pre-Qualification, and they will take this into account when considering your offer.